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Linda S. Geczi
Home Inspector
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Client Testimonials

What people say about Linda’s work:

Thanks  Linda

Linda, what a comfort having you as my home inspector! Although I have owned two homes with my husband, this is my first time buying home as a single person. Your thoroughness and extra insight on home maintenance once I am in the house are greatly appreciated, and I will refer back to your report as needed, which I'm sure will be often. I chose your company based on the website testimonials and now I offer you another! Thanks again!!


For our first home, we wanted a thorough inspection to make sure we weren't unknowingly walking into any huge problems. Linda went above and beyond for us, pointing out possible problems, telling us what to do about them, giving us tips for the upkeep of pieces of the home and insisting we contact her with any questions. And we certainly did -- we had about a million. Linda patiently answered each frantic question, gave recommendations for whom to speak to and stuck with us to the end. She was punctual, responsive and so knowledgeable. We'd recommend her in a heartbeat!

Robyn and Mathieu G.


Hi Linda,
It was a pleasure meeting you, and having you inspect our first house.
I can't believe how much knowledge and information we walked away with. Kristin has about 5 pages in her notepad. You came highly recommended, and we are very happy that we chose you.
I'm going to print everything out and review it with Kristin tonight.

Thanks again.

"Linda took the time to explain everything to us in such great detail - the inspection and its report were very thorough.   It made us feel less nervous about buying our first home. Linda was very helpful in her suggestions and observations.  We are recommending Linda to all our friends!    Why would anybody use anyone else?

                               Christel Cogneau

We definitely wanted a home with architectural charm and character , so that meant choosing an older property. We found that buying a vintage house in the Historic District can be a dicey predicament. Along with the charm and detail, comes an entire history of structural wear and tear. Linda‘s thorough inspection helped us feel confident that we wouldn‘t find any hidden unwanted surprises in our new “old“ home once we moved in. She went well beyond our expectations in assuring us that “no stone was left unturned“. With her help we knew exactly what we were getting and were able to negotiate with the seller more confidently. Thanks, Linda.”

                                    Tom Smith
                                    Plainfield, NJ

The smartest thing I did was hire Linda to do a prelisting inspection when I was ready to sell my home. The cost was well worth it. I was able to focus on what needed attention, and was able to list my house and accept an offer, with the confidence that I was not going to get any surprises with my buyer’s inspection.

                                     Gail MacQuaide
                                     New Jersey

Linda is a Godsend! I was going through a painful divorce and my daughter and I were forced to move from our home to a smaller one. I had never had to care for a house before and didn‘t know the first thing about what to look for in a house, and I couldn‘t afford much. When I finally found something I liked and could afford, Linda walked me through every inch, checking and explaining what she saw. She patiently answered all my questions and stayed with me until we were both confident that I could handle taking care of a house for the first time, and that the house would be safe for my six-year-old daughter. I have recommended Linda to two friends already and will continue to do so. She is the best!

                                      Mary J.
                                      Rahway, New Jersey

Dear Linda,

I only met you yesterday while you performed your service of home inspection on a property in Somerset, NJ.  I was thoruoghly impressed with your efficiciency, your knowledge, and your ability to make me feel a part of this process.   What do I know abbout houses, except I live in one.  You made me understand aspects of buildings, designs, systems, and little nuances that I may never have known before.  Thank you so much for your care in inspecting the property we are about to purchase.  I can rest assured that if you did not make a note about it, it does not exist.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a non-threatening manner.  Many have it but are not able to do what you did for me on Monday.

Again many thanks for a job well done.  Let's keep in touch.

Rev. Sheila L. Thorpe
Somerset, NJ